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  • For example, if your name is John Smith your eID must end with .smith which means it can be j.smith or js.smith, etc.
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  • Your eId cannot have any special characters or spaces.

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What is an eID?
Your eID will be your personalized unique ID for electronic access here at the UofC

What should I choose as my eID?
The eID we recommend is first.last (e.g. Joe.Smith). However you can choose anything as long as you follow the eid rules>>
My eID was already taken...
What is my UCID?
Your UCID is the number on the front of your UofC ID card. Please enter only the digits. more>>
Add another UCID?
Some users may have more than one UCID.  You can add as many as you own by clicking Add another UCID.
What is my display name?
The myUofC portal will address you by this name. We suggest you use simply your first name more>>

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note: The password must be at least 8 characters long with at least one character from the 4 following groups:
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Why do I need such a complex password?
It is important for the security of your information that you choose a password that is difficult for others to figure out.  more>>

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Why do I need to enter Password Recovery information?
When you forgot your eId password we need to verify who you are.  Among other things, you will be asked these questions again, and you must answer them both correctly (according to the answers you have entered here).

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